Six tips & tricks to make the most of Mother’s Day for your artisan bakery

17 бер. 2022


Six tips & tricks to make the most of Mother’s Day for your artisan bakery

We all agree ‘Every day is Mother’s Day’: after all, motherhood is the hardest job of them all. This official celebration on the second Sunday in May marks an outstanding opportunity to boost your bakery sales. Spouses, children, and grandparents around the world will be spending money to spoil the mothers in their lives.

To drive up traffic to your store and give all the moms out there an extra special Mother’s Day, follow these six tips to make this holiday a highly profitable one:

1. Offer unique Mother’s Day specials

Everyone wants to make their moms feel special, and that needs to be reflected in the sweet treats you have on offer: so come up with cakes and pastries that celebrate mothers. Think abundant floral themes, hearts, and an overall look of indulgence. 

Our Taste Tomorrow consumer research reveals that consumers are increasingly seeking out Instagram-worthy treats: genuine eye candy that looks fun and quirky. Worldwide, 59% of consumers agree that food looking pleasing to the eye is also considered delicious. You should therefore develop products with unique and exciting visual features. 

That doesn’t mean that you have to go crazy with the recipe itself: insights from the same research indicate that 67% of the consumers like having a familiar element when trying new types of food. So dress up your classic bakes for the occasion; or maybe play around with new textures, because another 67% of consumers are interested in trying out foods with surprising textures. Freshness, taste, and craftsmanship are the main motivators for people to shop with artisans, meaning you always have to be ticking those boxes.

Something special from Puratos: Get inspired by the special Mother’s Day recipes developed for you by the talanted Puratos’s Technical Advisor, Philippe Richard. More recipes are shared on our Instagram and Facebook.

2. Make it personal

65% of consumers would like to have their food personalized and adapted to their personal preferences according to our Taste Tomorrow consumer survey. To meet this customer demand, you can allow consumers to customize your sweet treats for Mother's Day or allow them to include a special message alognised your creations. Consider providing a blanc Mother’s Day card with the purchase of each Mother’s Day creation. We created some beautiful card designs and easy to use templates to help you win over your customers that can be easily downloaded using the link below. 

What’s more, the packaging of your cakes, pieces and sweet treats can also be personalized or Mother’s Day-themed. An easy way to add an extra touch to your packaging is to use stickers. We have developed some Mother's Day-themed sticker designs for you:

3. Partner up with other local stores

Work together with other businesses in your neighborhood, such as florists, spas, jewelry stores, or restaurants. Teaming up with several local traders, who also expect to see lots of customers that are looking for presents on Mother’s Day, can benefit everyone. You can offer package deals and promote each other's businesses and Mother's Day offerings. No mom will ever complain about receiving multiple gifts for Mother’s Day—she deserves it. 

Not only you can promote other local businesses in-store or online, but also collaborate on a give-away to attract even more attention. Offer customers the chance to win an extra gift for the mothers in their lives, such as a spa day or a beautiful piece of jewelry. You could also sell raffle tickets that allows your customers to be considered for a special prize. It would help if you were prepared to pull out all the stops, and boost customer engagement through every channel available: from emails and social media channels, to flyers and posters.

Mother and daughter embracing

4. Be visible online

This may sound like a given, but in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, social media accounts are often forgotten. That's a real shame, because online visibility is an excellent (if not the best) way to make an impact with your Mother’s Day promotionTaste Tomorrow data reveals that 47% of consumers like getting ideas from online media on the products offered in local stores. This means you should leverage your social media platforms by highlighting the creations you’ve developed for the occasion, especially in run-up to Mother’s Day. Get your followers in the right mood, and make sure they don’t forget about spoiling their moms on Mother’s Day! 

In recent years, we’ve also seen a significant rise in demand for online ordering and delivery. The number of consumers ordering sweet goods online has risen from 27% in 2018 to 47% today. Don’t forget to offer your Mother’s Day sweet treats in your webshop either, if you have one. And if you don’t: now might be the time to consider setting up this additional retail channel. You can also offer pre-order and pick-up options on your social media and other online channels; that way helping not only customers, but also yourself.

Extra tip from Puratos: check out these tips and recommendations if you’re new to selling online. Or visit Bakeronline, a technology allowing bakers, patissiers and chocolatiers to create their own easy-to-use webshop.

5. Decorate your store

Make sure customers don’t forget about the upcoming Mother’s Day celebration by decking out your store. Seasonal merchandising is a great way to take advantage of increased traffic, to drive up incremental profits, and to create the impression of a special-occasion hotspot. Remember, you’re competing with online retailers for your customers’ Mother’s Day spending. Fortunately, 77% of people in the Taste Tomorrow survey state that they don’t want to see the end of stores on the high street. Seize this opportunity to convince them of the many benefits of visiting a brick-and-mortar store. Put in that extra effort with visual displays with seasonal decorations, offer guidance to shoppers, and showcase your added value with amazing packaging.

Some beautiful Mother's Day-themed posters to help decorate your store, can be downloaded here:



6. Go sustainable

If you want to go the extra mile for Mother’s Day, go for sustainable products. Not only would you also be doing your bit for a better planet, but you’ll also appealing to younger generations who are committed to conscious shopping. Consumers are increasingly searching out products and companies that do more to protect the environment. As an artisan baker, you’re already pleasing the 63% of people who prefer locally produced goods. However, you can make your store even more appealing by using local produce and sustainable packaging, favored by 60% and 70% of consumers. Those options will not only make your shop more attractive for this holiday, but also for regular shopping in the future.

If you’re on the lookout for more Mother’s Day inspiration, need support with your special creations, or have any other questions, please get in touch with one of our Puratos Representatives. We’ll be happy to help!

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